KONSTANTATOS TRANSPORTATIONS’s aim, which has all appropriate licensing with the Standard License of postal services by the National Comity of Telecommunication and Post with the license number 18-003, is to deliver packages and post within Greece and especially within the circuit of cities it has regular representatives.

But that’s not the case.

Green Transportation

Protecting the environment should be a responsibility and a privilege for all of us.

The privilege of protecting the planet and preserving it for future generations - for our children.

All it takes is goodwill.

"KONSTANTATOS TRANSPORTATIONS" tries to carry out all activities minimizing their impact on the environment.

For this purpose and having in mind the slogan "Reduce, Recycle, Reuse":

  • Strengthens its staff to be sensitive to environmental issues
  • Maximizes the efficiency of its vehicles using only environmentally friendly workshops
  • Promotes and acts in its buildings with energy saving measures where possible
  • Uses packaging materials that are environmentally friendly whenever possible
  • Reuses packaging materials that are in good condition
  • Recycles damaged packaging materials
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