"KONSTANTATOS TRANSPORTATIONS" offers the possibility of temporary or long-term storage of household items, office equipment, files, exhibits and various other objects in specially designed storage facilities. Storage of household appliances, office equipment, files, exhibits and various other items in specially designed warehouses. και διάφορων άλλων αντικειμένων σε ειδικά διαμορφωμένες αποθήκες.

"KONSTANTATOS TRANSPORTATIONS" undertakes to pack the items to be stored, which are recorded in detailed lists and placed in areas that ensure their safety and integrity throughout their stay.


Free up space in the house or garage.

  • Want to renovate and don't know what to do with your household goods?
  • Do you have limited space in your home and need to free up some?
  • Do you want to regain use of your garage?
  • Are you going abroad or traveling for months and don't want to pay your expensive rent?
Αποθήκευση Εκθεσιακών Περιπτέρων
Αποθήκευση και διαχείριση αρχείων
  • We offer flexible and competitive, short or long term organized and secure storage to suit your needs
  • Every item you store is specially marked with your name and code 
  • We deliver you a list of the items stored in our warehouse
  • Become an instant item locator when and where you need something

Apart from furniture and other household items, our space is ideal for small boats, jet skis, cars, motorcycles, etc.

Storage in Container

If you want a more economical and exclusive solution, lock your own container in a secure place with your own key. 

do you own a business?

Our warehouse is located next to the highway 6 / E94 and the junction of Attiki road. It is particularly suitable for companies that:

  • Manage goods and have daily deliveries
  • Need short or long term storage
  • Participate in exhibitions and need interim storage as well as transport to and from exhibitions
  • They ship things overseas and need to store them until reloading takes place


Monday to Friday 08:00 to 17:00

Our friendly and professional team is there to meet your needs and provide you with the best possible customer service.

Αποθήκευση Εκθεσιακών Περιπτέρων

Αποθηκεύσεις οικοσκευών

The volume of items and storage time are the main factors that determine the price of storage.

How safe are storage facilities?

Our warehouses have

  • Controlled access
  • 24-hour
  • Camera surveillance system
  • with Security Cameras.
  • Fire Protection System
  • Storage in racks with a capacity of 1.500 pallets
  • Forward unloading of goods
    Sorting and order preparation (Picking)
  • Palletisation & repalletisation
  • Packaging & repacking
  • Computerised support by modern WMS programs
  • Manned security
  • CCTV covering the entire warehouse
  • Alarm for emergency exits
  • Fire safety
  • Secure areas for high value products