Packaging transport management artwork

Packaging and transport of works of art requires care and consistency as a wrong estimate can cause irreparable damage. The experienced, specialized, well-trained stuff of KONSTANTATOS TRANSPORTATION undertake the packaging and management of works of art. Using packaging materials of European standards, but also with the construction of special wooden boxes per case, we ensure safe transport. Our well-organized and certified network of partners undertakes the safe, reliable and fast delivery, to exhibitions, museums, galleries around the world.

Execution of import-export customs operations

The specialized and experienced team of KONSTANTATOS TRANSPORTATION, consisting of certified customs brokers, undertakes the import-export customs procedures quickly, responsibly and at reasonable rates.

Transportation: cars - motorcycles - boats - helicopters.

Transportation of high requirements and special management objects, such as Antiques - Collectibles - Racing or ordinary cars - machines - yachts is a daily affair for KONSTANTATOS TRANSPORTATION. We undertake the exclusive transfer to competitions, exhibitions, auctions around the world. Transfer your boat to the marina you want to spend your vacation. Transport your helicopter around the world. We can do it for you.

Insurance .

In collaboration with major insurance companies KONSTANTATOS TRANSPORTATION offers you a complete insurance package against all risks, Clause AD, for the insurance of your property during transport.

We will help you complete the insurance contract for your transported items completely covered in any eventuality.